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If you are new to travel or to the Ultra Light mindset, DO check out the extended version of this list HERE. It contains invaluable tips on how to choose products and how to use them best while traveling, as well as practical travel and safety tips. </a></p> <p><span style=

This packing list is tailored for short and long term travel. On a trip with a warm climate, all items listed here fit easily into my day pack. Camping items are not included.

The extended list includes explanations for types of products to purchase, reasoning for doing so, and practical tips for traveling when using listed items.

(HQ): You need to purchase a high quality product.

(Items in parenthesis): these items are only necessary to some, like a sweater for cold weather, or a daily journal or sunglasses. For example, I am always writing, and never pack sunglasses. And a man may choose to not pack lipstick.

88x31 REI LogoI gave y’all links to my favorite travel items. I own all of them, and love all of them. They’re from REI, and have a lifetime warranty on all their products.






4 pairs sports socks

1 pair merino wool hiking socks

1 pair warm socks

4 pairs underwear


The North Face Paramount Valley Convertible Pants - Women's

Active wear pants
(HQ) which zip off at the knees.

The North Face Paramount Valley Convertible Pants – Women’s

One pair

Water shorts

Hiking shoes (HQ)
Day shoes or walking sandals

Swimming suit

(Beanie hat)


Light sweater
(Fleece sweatshirt) (HQ)

REI Madrona Jacket - Women's


(Sweat wicking sports jacket).
My favorite attributes: There is no logo and the color is completely neutral. I love that it’s windproof and has extra inner pockets.

REI Madrona Jacket – Women’s


3 day shirts
2 tank tops
1 nice shirt

(Bra) Girls – consider substituting a tank top with a shelf bra.


Constantly needed items: Keep in an easy -to-reach bag.Reminder : Do not bring your Social Security card.


Emergency contact list

2 color copies of your passport

Extra debit and credit card

Extra cash In local currency, approx. $100 USD


In addition, I hid a credit card, copy of my passport, emergency contacts, and cash deep in my backpack.



A passport pocket to hold cash, ATM or credit card, and passport when on long journeys. No money belt needed!




Details on the belt-free Passport Pocket

It’s a safer alternative, and much less bothersome! I invented it because I loathe traditional money belts. It simply clips on the inside of your pants or shorts. No uncomfortable belt. No obvious pouch. Just a simple, safe pocket.

With the Passport Pocket, your documents are easy to access, safe, and more discrete. Be safe and and avoid theft and the stress and cost of replacing your travel documents.

It is crafted with high performance Coolmax fabric, and lined with water resistant ripstop polyester. The fabric wicks perspiration from your body, and keeps your passport, cash, and documents dry.


USB flash memory drive

Universal Card Reader

(Cell phone and phone charger)


3 Pens

iPod, charger, and ear buds


Toilet paper: Ladies – include extra tampons or pads in the bag)


Plastic fork

Disposable water bottle

(Spare medication)




Guide book) Ultralight backpacking isn’t conducive to books. Consider condensed forms or tearing out relevant pages.
Full or pocket-sized
(Budget tracker)


(A small inflatable pillow) For back support, pillow, and all-around padding.
(A thin blanket)
(Cheap day backpack or cloth bag)


2 Giant brand name Zip-Loc bags: Utilized to package items below.
brand name standard Zip-Loc bags.
4 regular plastic grocery sacks.


Inconspicuous camera bag

Extra name brand batteries
Battery charger


Mini tripod
Lens cloth

Really cheap camera




Toiletries and emergency kit

I place the wet items in one giant Zip-Loc bag and the dry in another.

Wet Zip-Loc bag

Travel toothbrush


(Bar of soap or liquid soap)





MSR PackTowl UltraLite Medium Towel - 30

Compact, super absorbing towel. Size: a deck of cards.




REI products are guaranteed for life…




MSR PackTowl UltraLite Medium Towel – 30″ x 12″




Deodorant stick


(Eye contacts, solution, & case) in a separate Zip-Loc bag

(Bug spray) in a separate Zip-Loc bag





Petzl Tikka Plus 2 LED Headlamp

Dry Zip-Loc bag


Head lamp. (HQ)

It’s from REI, I love it, and REI has a money back guarantee for life.

Petzl Tikka Plus 2 LED Headlamp


Six feet of strong string or twine

Athletic tape (HQ)

Cigarette lighter

Plastic fork

Small scissors


Chap stick


(Mini hairbrush)
(Hair ties)


Ear plugs & container (HQ)

(Eye glasses & glasses case)

(Medication & container)


The following go in a sandwich-sized Zip-Loc bag inside the dry giant bag.

Nail clippers


Fabric band-aids
Neosporin or antibacterial ointment

Rubber bands





The following go in a sandwich-sized Zip-Loc bag inside the dry giant bag:

Tylenol PM

Ibuprofen, Alieve, Advil, etc.

Immunization / Vaccine supplements, e.g., malaria pills

(Tampons or pads) Separate Zip-Loc bag





Items that were nice to have but unnecessary to me:

iPod, charger, ear buds
One book

Hand lotion

Items I did not need at all:


Social Security card
Pocket knife
Hand sanitizer
Normal sized towel
CamelBak water bladder and backpack
A skirt or dress
Coin purse
More jewelry than one pair of earrings
Salsa dancing shoes
Rock climbing shoes
Spare set of contact lenses


I hope this travel list makes your adventures as brilliant as mine.

Happy Travels, and God speed!

Miss Rose  



My belongings:




Pre-Ecuador packing. Never again shall I bear such a burdensome pack. (Dec. 2008)

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