“The Passport Pocket was really handy.  

    A woman in our group actually got pick-pocketed and I was very comforted by the lengths to which someone would have to go to get at anything that was so important to me. It was sort of annoying during the flights when I needed to get my passport in and out all the time.

    The Passport Pocket didn’t bother me at all. A little awkward at first, then you get used to it. I used it all over Spain and Morocco for over a week!

    This is such an awesome and useful thing. It will take off and be a hot thing – like Tupperware!
    I am excited for the next adventure!”

    – Erin M., 16 yrs, first time abroad without her parents

    Erin is an inspired and witty high school student.


    “Those seeking an alternative to the traditional money belt should take a serious look into the Passport Pocket (PPP).

    Designed by a fellow globetrotter, the PPP has been engineered to withstand the varied rigors of travel. Attaching directly to the inside of your clothing, it is secure, invisible, and comfortable; no visible, skin-chafing straps. Made of water resistant material, the PPP will keep your important documents safe and dry no matter what conditions you encounter.

    I have taken my Passport Pocket from Hong Kong to Paris through China, Mongolia, and the Russian Federation.

    Iechyd da,

    Simon Lloyd-Price”

    Simon is an up-and-coming archeologist, vagabond extrordinaire, and can be found playing guitar on the beach in exotic locations.

    “It is extremely important to me that I am able to travel lightly, quickly and safely. The Passport Pocket helps in every one of those areas, awarding me less bulk, easy access and added security.

    The PPP has already accompanied me on travels to Thailand and Puerto Rico, and is on my super short packing list for this year’s trips to Cuba and Uganda. I can’t recommend it highly enough!”

    Mark Powers


    Mark is an internationally renown percussionist and can be found “hitting stuff with sticks” in public schools, jazz jams, Seattle WRF, and big city gigs.



    “I had the privilege of using the Passport
    Pocket on my most recent international trip to United Arab Emirates and Bangladesh, and it is by far the mo st effective way of safely carrying documents and money. I was excited to receive a hand-made, lightweight, durable Passport Pocket at a low cost, including the great one-on-one customer service by Rose. She was willing and eager to help make my travel experience a little easier
    with her original and innovative creation.

    I also found the “Ultra Light Travel” section on passportpocket.com to be a great help to me. I tend to over pack, thus burdening myself with heavy items that I later realize are unnecessary. In “Ultra Light Travel”, Rose lays out a sensible guideline of the necessary traveling basics, as well as reasons why those specific items are necessary. I referred to her list as I packed for my last trip abroad, and I’m happy to say that I didn’t have a pack that weighed me down!
    I would definitely recommend the Passport Pocket to any traveler- domestic or international, as well as the priceless tips on passportpocket.com. Everything is aimed at making your traveling experience safer and easier. What’s better than that?!”
    – Alissa
    Alissa is an adventurer, a medical missionary, a teacher, a baker, and a heck of a lot of fun.


    “Definitely worth the time required to hand sew this soft beauty into place. Today, I anchored it into my favorite pair of well-traveled Exofficio pants. After all, I had to be SURE to see what if it would hold up to an authentic traipse into the city and playfully into the forest. Scrambling horizontal logs using their roots as any climber would, I scaled over, under, through and between countless encounters of brush, branches, trees and benches. Not only was it comfortable, but most of the time I forgot I was even wearing it! I was impressed that the only time I became aware of it, was when I sat down!

    This obscure and well designed passport pocket has passed my first trial test, and tomorrow I will be throwing some things in a pack to see how it feels with waist straps. More to come… Please stay tuned! I can honestly say that if I would’ve had this during my last trip through Bolivia, I wouldn’t have had to lose the following: A one ounce gold coin, a legendary diamond ring, $400 (all the money I had on me), my only ATM card, and passport. Ouch. But you know what…? It was amazing and perfect, because it did happen. BUT, if YOU dear reader of testimonials, prefer to abstain from a similar adventure during your travels then I highly encourage the use of this comfortable and unexposed protection.”

    – Joel A
    Joel is (usually) barefoot and walking over any continent, loving others, learning about natural medicine, and passionately seeking truth.