Specs / How-to


The large compartment is 15 cm (6″), significantly larger than your passport. The small compartment is 11 cm (4.5″), big enough to carry a lot of cash, credit cards, keys, and other valuables. The fabric is flexible, and will not be visible when worn on the inside of pants unless stuffed full.

Both pockets are securely closed by Velcro. Hand wash, air dry.

It includes eight clips to accommodate four pairs of pants, four rustproof safety pins, 1 needle threaded to sew in clips, and extra thread. And some spiffy business cards.

How to Use

It’s easy.

The Passport Pocket can be attached anywhere. Sew in tabs in two minutes, or use the included rustproof safety pins if you’re on the run. Use safety pins to secure the pocket anywhere. They are easy, but can’t be detached as quickly. I love using my Passport Pocket when I salsa dance – no need to have pockets or carry a purse.

Included are clips to attach to your favorite four travel garments. No need to unzip a money belt or unbutton your pants to remove your passport – just reach inside to pull out the passport, or to quickly and easily detach the entire pocket.

If you are attaching to inside of pants or shorts:

Lay the Passport Pocket inside your pants to get a quick idea of how it should look. The pockets will face your body. Detach the clips from the Passport Pocket.

Lay the end of the black fabric strip of the clip next to your pant button. Sew the stitches on both sides of the teal line to form a square.

*Your black thread will be invisible if your garment is a dark fabric. If the garment is light: as you pull the needle out from the front of the pants, put it back in almost exactly where you pulled it out. (See image). Be sure to tie a strong knot when you are done.

Clip the Passport Pocket into the clip you just sewed in. Measure where the second clip ought to lie and sew in exactly as the first.

Voila! Great job!